Venn MiniBox (Jambalaya)

Our VENN MiniBox comes with a recipe and all the pre-portioned ingredients that is sent to your home along with step-by-step cooking instructions. Serves upto 3 people.

Serves 3 per kit | Difficulty easy | 443.0 KCal | Preparation: 10 min | Cook: 30 min | Total: 40min

The origin of the dish is debatable. Some claim that it had its origin in New Orleans, while others attribute it to the Caribbean. Even so, Jambalaya seems to be inspired by a mix of cuisines such varied cuisines as Spanish, West African, and French. West African, and French. Although this dish is originally made with rice, we opted for a different grain – barley barley, which offers a slightly denser texture. Slightly spicy, smoky, and packed with flavour. And all it takes only one pot is needed to make it!