The Venn Manifesto

VENN is the result of a burning desire to create a service that is synonymous with change, for the good of people and the planet.

Health and sustainability are our main concerns and that's why we want the VENN BOX to be more than a box - we want it to be a philosophy of life.

We intend to strengthen the bond between our food and those who produce it, we aim to be part of the food revolution and contribute to a happier planet, inhabited by even happier people!

- Natacha Meunier (co-founder)


Do you want fresh and reliable products? So do we.

We met a few years ago, during a dinner with mutual friends. At that table a debate was generated around perspectives on inequalities, privileges, fears, dreams, secrets, inspirations and, of course, f ood.

We found something in common: the willingness to commit to the planet, changing mindsets… through the stomach!

We created Venn to inspire the increased positive impact we can have on the world. We believe in a future in which plant-based food is part of an ethical, sustainable and planet-friendly philosophy of life.

We are not perfect, but we will always be transparent and authentic in all our actions, and we will be continually looking for the best.